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Platform Trucks

A Plus Warehouse is your national dealer for platform trucks. We provide fine quality wood platform trucks by Fairbanks, Akro Mils, RB Manufacturing, Durham Hodge Division, Hamilton and many others. Our platform lift trucks prove handy in many applications also. Platform trucks are the basis for any distribution system. A person is limited to how much he can or should carry. A person lifting and walking with a 200 pound load is sure to cause injury and overall displeasure.


Heavy duty platform trucks can easily handle 2,500 pounds. Clearly this amount is over 10 times what a VERY strong person may be able to handle. Put a 10 inch caster on your cart, and the weakest person can be a warehouse person (slight exaggeration, but you get the idea). The efficiency in handling bulk product and a low price of ownership makes platform trucks a popular item in any warehouse.

By adding Pneumatic casters, you will be able to roll our platform lift trucks outdoors and handle pebbles and sand quite easily. For the shop floor, rubber tires are very popular, but cast iron gives more capacity with less expense and polyurethane is the ultimate in capacity and silence in operation. Cast iron is loud, because you are rolling metal on concrete. Polyurethane is a surface that gives ever slightly, so you do not hear the bumps and grinds.

Some customers order folding platform trucks from us as well. Folding platform trucks are made by Nexel, Wesco, Safco and others. Folding platform trucks are typically used in office environments where the required capacity is less than 300 pounds (that is a lot of 8.5 x 11 paper). Some use folding platform trucks for light industrial use as well.

A platform truck that is pulled by a tow motor rather than hand operation is referred to a trailer. Trailer applications are unlimited, and Hamilton is one of the best manufacturers in the country. Imagine a train concept to visualize this. A track - either physical or magnetic strip (Magnetic strip is the new way) is laid in a predetermined set up on the floor. Through computer control, the trailer platform trucks are pulled along the track, and items are loaded and unloaded. Trailers typically have hitches that allow a long run of equipment.

Some customers use tow line systems for product display. The customer loads his product, sets the tow motor on its way, and customers can see their product on attractive display.

An interesting type of wood platform truck is the tilt truck. In this wood platform truck, there are giant wheels in the middle and smaller wheels on the ends of the cart. With this caster arrangement, these carts can spin on a dime, using existing space much more efficiently. Other interesting examples include multiple level wood platform trucks and tailgate height platform trucks. Tailgate size works nicely when you unload from street level. Why bother lowering to a platform truck, just roll the items right out. If we add ball transfer casters to the top of the cart and retractable ball transfer casters to the work bench being used, transporting become much easier.