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Racks for Your Storage Needs

Warehouse storage racks are a necessity in every distribution and storage facility. A Plus Warehouse is a national distributor of industrial and commercial types. They are secure and store your heavy items and materials, offering you better organization, more space, and increased structural support. Our cable reel rack is an excellent rack for office organization. Whatever you need, you can find it at A Plus Warehouse: from a warehouse storage rack to racks for the office.

Wide Variety

A warehouse storage rack is equipment that’s designed for heavy-duty industrial applications. When ordering shelves from us, you must first consider how you plan to load them and what you plan to use them for. That is why A Plus Warehouse carries a huge selection shelf units for you to choose from:

When you need weight capacity and a large opening, an industrial warehouse storage rack is the way to go. Pallet racks are ideal for factories and warehouses if you intend to use a forklift for loading, whereas bulk storage racks,  are great for bulky, hand-loaded storage. The bulk options offers width up to 10 feet and capacities up to 1000 pounds. Cantilever racks are what you want when loading and unloading lumber, pipes, and other heavy, wide materials.

We provide high quality structural heavy-duty warehouse storage rack shelves as well. These have a frame capacity up to 45,000 pounds and a beam capacity up to 15,000 pounds and are used in heavy manufacturing and government facilities. Structural  can weather the constant battering of forklifts better than most other kinds. And if you’re looking for an industry standard, the popular roll-formed teardrop pallet racks are still what over 95% of all customers order.

Safety First

Is your warehouse or facility located in California or another state where earthquakes are common? Then you must put extra consideration into your choice of rack shelf. You must make sure to choose the product that meets your area’s seismic code in both design and installation. Most local codes mandate that the legs of your racking system are to be bolted to the floor. Beam position and space must be considered as well. If you adhere to these codes and choose A Plus Warehouse, you’ll have a steady, durable product you can rely on.

If you can’t fit your racks the way you want, please consider our industrial shelving. Standard shelving has capacities of up to 800 pounds per shelf, with shelf width reaching 48 inches. Shelving might not have as high of a capacity, but it can work in a pinch!

Why A Plus Warehouse?

Unlike our competition, A Plus Warehouse allows you to order preconfigured rack modules. Why order each component by component? Preconfigured products set up quick with little effort at all. No more having to chase down uprights, beams, supports, and wire decks and hope that you can make them all fit together. However, if you do prefer to order by component, or if you need sizes not shown in our preconfigured matrix, you can still order separate components.

We at A Plus Warehouse are committed to getting you exactly the products you need. We won’t let innovation get in the way of whatever ordering method makes you most comfortable! We quickly ship our available warehouse storage racks and racks for offices to provide you with premium storage solutions for your facility. 

Have questions? Contact us! Our sales team can offer you the inside info on your most urgent questions. We are the industry experts, and we hope to earn your business!


If you are looking for more information about racking, we recommend that you check out the Rack Manufacturers Institute.

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