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Racks are required in every distribution and storage facility , and A Plus Warehouse is a national distributor for all kinds of industrial racks. In ordering racks from us you want to first consider how they will be loaded. If you intend to load racks with a machine , then you would need Pallet Racks. Warehouse racks or bulk racks are great for bulky storage hand loaded. Cantilever racks are great to use for lumber , pipe and other items that need full width access.

We provide high quality structural heavy duty racks online as well. Heavy duty racks have frame capacities to 45,000 pounds and beam capacities to 15,000 pounds. These items are used in heavy manufacturing and government facilities. An additional feature of structural racks is that they resist forklift damage far greater than traditional roll formed pallet racks. The being said, roll formed tear drop or keystone pallet rack is still the standard that over 95% of all customers order.

The competition makes you order your pallet rack by component. A Plus Warehouse allows you to order in pre-configures rack modules. Why bother chasing down uprights, beams, supports, and wire decks and then hope you can make them all fit together? With no effort at all, you can go to our pallet rack with wire decking or pallet rack without wire decking but with all other matched components. If you prefer to order by component, or if you need sizes not shown in our pre-configured matrix, we also offer the traditional manner of ordering pallet rack components.

We service the west coast market as well as the rest of the country, but the west coast has some issues to consider. Obviously, there are seismic considerations in California as well as some other states. We can not guarantee that our product is up to local seismic code. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that our product is applicable to your local code both in design and in installation. Almost all local codes mandate the legs are bolted to the floor. Beam position and space is often a consideration as well. That being said, our product is among the most durable produced nationwide.

There are benefits over shelving to consider when ordering. Shelving has capacities limited to 800 pounds per shelf. Shelf width for standard shelves is limited to 48 inches also. A bulk rack has width up to 10 feet and capacities up to 1000 pounds. When you need weight capacity, and a large opening, industrial racks is clearly the way to go.

We have a lot of experience in storage solutions and look forward to being of service. Our regional distribution centers (RDCs) allow for prompt delivery nationwide at a great value in the quickest times. We also stock much of our product. So, if you order by noon time, your standard pallet rack or bulk rack order will ship the next working day. Do you have questions? We employ great inside sales people who are ready now to field your questions. We are the experts and hope to earn your business.