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Bar Racks

Purchase bar racks from the leading provider A Plus Warehouse. These storage racks are required but not always used for handling bar and pipe stock. Customers who know about bar racks use them daily to store bar stock in a variety of ways. We sell these online to help meet the storage applications needs of our customers. Bar racks are highly specialized items, which are expensive to market. We offer a complete line of racks as a service to our valued customers. We are constantly trying to add value to your storage equipment solutions by carrying a broad line of bar racks. They are the number one storage solution for hard to store parts. Learn about all the bar racks we have to offer!

About The Racks

                Some of our racks include Vertical,  Stackable , and Pigeon Hole bar racks. Each is great at storing bar and other similar materials. These racks are used in day to day operations.


 Vertical bar racks are great for storing pipe or tubing. Each of the four openings can hold 1,500 pounds of stock. Product is always available with a fastener kit. This kit includes a 4 pack of anchors for concrete 1/2 “ X 4”. This storage rack is available in two different heights, 60 7/8” and 92” high. This rack comes fully welded.


 If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to store bar stock, look no further than our stackable bar racks. The product is light weight with welded steel construction. Rack is sold in sections, but most of our customers need at least two. One section is used for the beginning and one for end of the bar is ideal.

Pigeon Hole

 Our pigeon hole bar rack is great for storing long items. The capacity is 2,200 per level and 7,700 per frame. The X bracing separates the uprights by 60 inches. Each frame is 48 ½ “ W X 60” H.

Our Company               

 Racks are a necessity for any storage facility.  A Plus Warehouse has been a national distributer of racks for over 20 years. Our racks are guaranteed to store your items properly. Racks come in different shapes and sizes.  We offer cantilever, pallet, and storage racks and many more! When ordering racks, safety is an important factor to take into consideration. Legs of your rack system must be bolted to the floor. Beam position and space must be considered as well. Always be sure to order the rack with the correct capacity to fit your needs! A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now!  We are big enough to fulfill your order but small enough to know that every order and customer matters!

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