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Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks from A Plus Warehouse can help organize your warehouse, lumberyard, or manufacturing facility. Cantilever shelving lets you easily arrange aluminum sheets, flake boards, drywall, sheet steel, and other materials by commodity and size. No need to keep bulky materials in untidy piles on the floor—the superior shelving capabilities of extra heavy duty cantilever racks keep things in order. An A Plus Warehouse rack system provides you with efficient loading and unloading, injury reduction, and the ability to choose your materials with perfect accuracy. Check out our extensive selection!

We now offer Stow Away units that allow easy vertical access and extra dense storage as well!

How do plants load their Cantilever racks? Many customers use our Roller Conveyors - Check them out. We also sell racks for outdoor use! - hot dipped galvanized now available in stock

Add Convenience to Your Industrial Facility with Cantilever Racks

At A Plus Warehouse, we make ordering high quality racks easy, and our cantilever rack shelving is no exception. We sell both preconfigured units as well as more traditional arms, uprights, and spreaders. However you want your cantilever racks, that’s how you’ll get them from A Plus Warehouse!

Some prefer to select individual cantilever rack parts and construct their rack system themselves. While we at A Plus Warehouse strongly recommend preconfigured, we will of course provide you with all the parts you need for a reliable cantilever rack system. Our receiving team will check over your order to make sure all your parts are compatible. We simply won’t allow you to order a product that won’t work. And since cantilever racks are designed to hold such heavy materials, having a product work is a top priority!

Preconfigured cantilever rack shelving units save you valuable time and effort. All you have to do is order your ideal rack system and then wait for the layout to arrive. There’s nothing wrong with a pre-engineered solution! This option offers you a level of convenience that’s simply unmatched.

We sell the top brands of racking, including Meco, Jarke, and Interlake. These are proven names in the warehouse equipment industry, whose cantilever racks are able to store some of the heaviest, bulkiest materials: aluminum sheets, lumber, wooden crates, metal crates, sheet metal, plywood, plumbing tubing, dry wall, plywood, fabricated long parts, flake boards, Masonite sheets, marble, granite, and other stone products. Our galvanized racks  are also great for handling heavy materials.

A Plus Warehouse Offers You a Smooth Ordering Process

First decide whether you want to order rack parts or a preconfigured unit. Then you must know how to position your rack arms correctly! Just follow these simple guidelines to ensure you’re ordering equipment capable of handling your work:

1) Choose the correct amount of arms so the divided weight does not exceed arm capacity. So a 4000 pound load would require at least 4 arms with a 1000 pound capacity per arm.

2) Figure out the total overhang with this equation: (1/# of arms) X product length. For example: a 20 foot run with 4 arms. Total overhang = (1/4) X 20 feet = 5 feet. So in this case 2.5 feet can overhang left and right.


Following these simple rules should help you determine which cantilever rack system will work best for your needs. But if you need additional assistance figuring out exactly what you need, just contact us or give us a call at 1-800-209-8798. Our trained sales reps will gladly provide you with a quote.


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