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Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are great to organize a warehouse, lumber yard or manufacturing facility. So often, companies put bulk items like Aluminum sheets, flake board, dry wall, sheet steel, etc in piles on the floor - leaving it to the warehouse personnel to constantly sort unrelated heavy and bulky items. With cantilever racks, each type of product can be segregated by commodity and size. An A Plus Warehouse rack system pays for itself in labor efficiency, reduction in injury and accuracy in picking stock.

We make the ordering process easy. You do not need to be a material handling engineer to buy our cantilever racks. In fact, we sell preconfigured units as well as the traditional arms, uprights and spreaders method. Some customers prefer the old fashioned way, whereby the select arm columns, then arms then spreader beams to separate the arm columns. Others prefer to just pick out a pre-engineered solution. This saves valuable time. Of course our web system is constantly monitored by real breathing sales people. If you order a rack online by the traditional means, our editors will not allow an order to process with incompatible parts. Your time is valuable and we want you to be able to order cantilever racks from us quickly, so you can put out other fires.

We sell the finest brands or racks including but not limited to Meco, Jarke, BCI, and Durham - Hodge. These are some of the items that are stores on cantilever racks: Aluminum Sheets, Lumber, Wooden Crates, metal Crates, Sheet metal, Plywood, Plumbing tubing, Dry wall, Plywood, fabricated long parts, flake boards, Masonite sheets, Marble, Granite and other stone products.

There are simple rules governing how to position arms.

Rule #1 - use the correct amount of arms so the divided weight does not exceed arm capacity. So a 4000 pound load would require at least 4 arms with 1000 pound capacity per arm.

Rule #2 - total overhang = (1/#arms) X Product length. For example - a 20 foot run with 4 arms. Total overhang = (1 / 4) X 20 feet = 5 feet. So in this case 2.5 feet can overhand left and right. This is as complicated as cantilever racks get!! Not exactly rocket science.

Following these simple rules will allow any user to order their own cantilever racks online at our site. If you need or want additional assistance, that is fine also. Our trained sales reps are here to help at 800-209-8798. You can also fax a conceptual sketch to 800-244-6231 for a quotation as well.

When ordering racks, you may well want to consider an integrated material handling system including other of our products. We sell shelving, conveyors, bins, hoists, gantries, metal cabinets, and a host of items used in your facility. You may need a lift truck to access your cantilever racks, or in some cases, just a warehouse ladder. There is much A Plus Warehouse can do for you. Our factory trained sales representatives are ready to bring their knowledge to bear on your application. We strive to be your integrated warehouse equipment source. Call us at 800-209-8798.