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Safety Equipment for Work

At A Plus Warehouse, safety is our priority. This is why we have an entire section dedicated to safety equipment. These products are meant to stop an incident before it happens and to efficiently and effectively handle emergency situations. We are a happy partner in your workplace safety. With proper precaution, many accidents are preventable!

Safe Products, Safe Application

All products sold at A Plus Warehouse, including non-safety products are triple checked for safety. We do not want our customers getting injured using our products! While our products are incredibly safe, it is also important customers are well-aware of safe usage. Do not try to put 150 pounds of material on a shelf with a capacity of 100 pounds!

It is also important for customers to use the right tool for the right job, and to closely follow instructions for set up and usage. This is half the safety battle.

Justrite MFG

It would be unfair to speak of safety without mentioning Justrite! They are very well known for their safety products. They are an industry leader in safe management of flammable liquids and other hazardous materials.

Some of their lines include safety showers, cabinets, berms, and safety cans. All of these product lines are essential for safety!

Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory workers do especially important work. Many times, this work involves toxic chemicals, Bunsen Burners, and more than could cause potential harm. In this sort of environment, accidents unfortunately do happen and A Plus Warehouse sells what is needed to be prepared.

Labs benefit greatly from many different types of safety products including emergency showers, eye wash stations, and fire-resistant cabinets. A Plus Warehouse offers a large array of options to our valued customers.

Emergency Showers and Eyewash Stations

Our Emergency Showers and Eye Wash stations do just as the name suggests. In an emergency, they douse laboratory workers with large amounts of water. Although these products are costly, they are necessary in an emergency!

We recommend our emergency tank showers. These showers completely drench you in the case of an emergency. They are also incredible durable, so much so that they hold up in earthquakes. Our highest capacity tank shower holds 528 gallons! Our slightly smaller model holds 317 gallons. They both provide 15 minutes of water flow at 20 gallons per minute. These tank showers also include and eye wash station. This product can very well be the difference between life and death!

Safety Cabinets

Another must have for the laboratory is a fire-resistant cabinet.  They provide a storage space for flammables and combustibles.

The super safety cabinet is available with both manual and self-closing doors. We highly recommend purchases with self-closing doors. Nobody is going to want to fuss with cabinet doors during an emergency, they will just want to get out of the building as quickly and safely as possible!

Super safety cabinets come with 1 or 2 adjustable shelves and capacities between 30 and 90 gallons. The product includes a reflective safety band and is OSHA, NFPA, and FM compliant.


Dock Safety

Safety is incredibly important in any workplace. Safety is especially important to consider at the loading dock, where accidents are unfortunately all too common. Working with heavy machinery is dangerous, A Plus Warehouse is here to help mitigate that danger!

Wheel Chocks: An Unsung Hero

Safety can be greatly improved on a loading dock with even a minimal investment. Wheel chocks prevent common accidents that occur when a semi-trailer is moving from a stationary position. Many of our customers also choose to purchase proof coil chains with their wheel chocks.

Loading Dock Safety Gates

                Every single one of our products is very safe if used correctly. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Our loading dock safety gate is an especially important safety tool used on loading docks. It stops loading dock falls. The gate can stop 5,000 pounds. The gate exceeds OSHA standards, so you know you are getting a safe product. For an even stronger loading dock gate, our ultimate loading dock safety gate is strong enough to stop a 13,000 Pound Forklift going at 4 MPH. Both products are easy to install and require no maintenance. They also both open and close with ease.

Warning Lights

Lights were invented to grab people’s attention. Industrial lights are the perfect way to let someone know that you are there! This gives employees working on loading docks time to react.

Our aptly named Look Out Warning Light alerts pedestrians when forklifts are crossing. This product prevents collisions in this way. The light includes mounting hardware and features 24V transformer and 100,000 hours of life. Customers can also order lights with a loud audible alarm to bring extra attention!

Fall Protection

When working in construction, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and welding falling is a terrifying possibility. A Plus Warehouse sells products that can help to minimize the chance of a fall as well as products to help when a fall has already occurred.


A Frame Fall Protection

Our A Frame Fall Protection is easy to use. Just roll it into the position and lock it in place. This mobile design eliminates the need to install, which in turn saves money, time, and space. We recommend this product for temporary work stations. Product can be used to protect 1 or 2 workers from falling depending on model number.

Power Assisted Rescue Descender Kit

This kit features what a person may need for rescue in case of a fall. It includes and auto descender, 130 feet of rope, anchor straps, and a remote anchor hook up device all in a convenient carry bag.

The 12-foot extension rescue pole is also included in a storage bag pole compartment. Rescue rope also includes steel carabiner on each end. The rescue handwheel with drill attachment point is also included. Product also meets OSHA requirements.

Your Right Source, Right Now

Order Your Safety Equipment today at A Plus Warehouse. We are your right source right now. We have been in business for over 20 years. Our customers are very important to us, and we want to help to make their experience as high quality as it can be.

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