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Laboratory Equipment

Safety is very important in any Laboratory. Often times scientist are working with potentially deadly chemicals. Fire safety is also a major issue, as working with a Bunsen burner is very common in a lab. A Plus Warehouse wants to keep you and your laboratory safe. Let us help you! But what safety equipment should be located in the lab? Read below to find out!

Safety showers are a large and important line of laboratory safety equipment. In case of emergency, having a safety shower on hand can prevent a bad situation from getting worse. They drench a person in water when needed.  This is very needed for example, if somebody gets corrosive and toxic material on themselves. Eye wash stations also go hand and hand with safety showers. Our shower eyewash combination does two jobs in one. The actual shower has a waterflow of 20/76 per minute and eyewash has 3/11.4 per minute. It is easy to active and meets ANSI and OSHA standards. Product features a removable, self-draining overhead nozzle equipped with a flow regulator.

                Safety cabinets are also important to have in order to store your flammable equipment. You will be happy to have an A Plus Warehouse safety cabinet when an accident is prevented. Our 4 hour fire rated safety cabinet is a great option. When ordered with explosion relief panels, it really adds the ultimate safety. This cabinet holds between 2 and 16 drums. Order yours today!

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for safety laboratory equipment. Our sales staff is highly trained and always aims to help customers find the perfect product that fits their needs. We have been in business for over 20 years.  Customers love our easy to navigate prices and large product selection.  Our catalog is constantly expanding. Order now!

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