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Storage Equipment is a specialty with Industrial shelving by stocked nationwide in our distribution centers. There are many types of Metal product available ranging in capacity from 150 pounds per shelf to over 1000 pounds per shelf. Additionally , many customers require steel shelving. We also stock a wide range of wire shelf products. Wire shelving is used in food service, retail, and general storage. Our units have capacity ranging from 150 pounds per shelf to 800 pounds per shelf.

A Plus Warehouse is a master dealer, offering you the best overall value in the business. It is important to get your storage equipment from a dealer who understands your important requirements for storage in general. Not only do we have a great internet shopping cart system , but we also have trained salespeople ready to actually answer your questions. Do you need closed product ? Do you have shock load issues ? We are able to answer all these issues.

Open type shelving is the basic and most economical shelving design for general purpose use. Backs and sides are open with the exception of side and rear stability braces. Standard color for most steel shelving is gray. Many types offer stater and adder configurations whereby a run of 20 shelving units is one starter unit and 19 adder units. Many dealers obsess on steel gauge. We suggest looking into shelf capacity rather than shelf thickness. Money can be saved by ordering a lighter shelf with additional welded bends , which increases capacity. A 22 GA boxer shelf has a better capacity than standard 20 GA shelving - which is thicker than 22 GA steel shelving. Posts can be offset angle as well as box type. Box type posts allow more access to your individual shelves. There are additional components to consider when ordering storage shelving. Wee sell ledge tops, counter tops, counter fronts, base strips, label holders, bin fronts, sliding doors and footplates. When you add a swinging door to your industrial shelf unit you produce a perfectly fine warehouse storage cabinet. There are complementary items . It usually makes sense to order plastic bins and other storage containers. After all, when you use storage racks, you are storing actual equipment and supplies. You may consider ordering plastic bins with your order. We stock shelves by Penco, Lyons, Edsal, Republic and many others. Another popular type is rivet type , which assembled with only a rubber mallet . For all your industrial storage needs, please know that A Plus Warehouse is ready to help with all your requirements.