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Garage Shelving

If you need garage shelving ideas, you have come to the right website! A Plus Warehouse distributes garage shelving by Penco, Lyons, Hallowell and other fine manufacturers, Garage shelves are used in industrial as well as consumer and commercial operations. Garage storage shelves and garage storage shelving can be standard steel shelving items as well as bulk racks and rivet racks.

A Plus Warehouse sells garage shelving in wire style in chrome, zinc and stainless steel as well for wet environments. You should order from A Plus Warehouse for added efficiency in storage.

When ordering garage shelves you want to consider what is being stored. If you are storing bulky items, we suggest rivet shelving or bulk rack. Standard steel shelving typically is only 48 inches wide at maximum. Bulk racks can be as wide as 8 feet – offering much more storage capacity for wide items. If you are storing wide items that are heavy also, we’d probably recommend pallet racks which have capacity up to 14,000 pounds per level.

Count on A Plus Warehouse for garage shelves and storage equipment of all types. Our regional distribution points (rdp) facilitate prompt shipment of your valued order while minimizing the risk of product damage. We also have a talented sales force ready to help with your every need. You may need light duty 22 GA garage shelving or industrial 18 GA garage shelving – either way, A Plus Warehouse has the product you need right now!

We are a one stop supplier for many storage and handling equipment items. We provide conveyors, work benches, racks, anti fatigue mats, casters and material handling equipment to customers nationwide at value pricing.

Garages are now considered by many to be an activity room in houses. Garages are where people can safely tinker with autos as well as other power equipment. The living room and family room is great for video games, but a garage is for routers, drill presses , and of course garage work benches and garage shelving. A well designed and efficient garage area yields better production in a business environment and safer fun in a home environment.

A Plus Warehouse has the items you need right now and we look forward to helping with your valued business.

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