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Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving is a specialty at A Plus Warehouse. Most every business requires shelving of some sort. A traditional shelving unit is 85 inches tall, has 5-7 shelves 12-24 inches deep and 34 to 48 inches wide. Come learn about shelving storage options at A Plus Warehouse!

Old VS New Design

A traditional unit has shelves bent in the corners to accept clips. Using this design, the only way to get additional capacity is to use thicker (lower gauge) metal. However, when you take a traditional industrial shelving type shelf, then bend the long portion and weld the bottom of the shelf; you have made a box beam. This beam acts as a support member. The net result is that a 22 gauge shelf with the new design has similar capacity as the old style 18 gauge shelf.

Starters and Adders

Most of our shelving units are to be ordered with one starter unit and as many adder units as required per run. For example, a run of 5 shelving requires 1 starter and 4 adders. Ordering shelving as starter and adder pieces often saves money!

Closed VS Open Shelving

When ordering shelving, customers must consider whether they prefer open or closed shelving. Open shelving is the standard and is typically less expensive than closed shelving. This sort of shelving has no side or back panels. Closed shelving is often preferred when storing lose parts. Closed shelving prevents roll off.

Our Products

Bigblue Krazy Cap Shelving

Krazy Cap shelving is known for its crazy high capacity of 1,775 pounds per shelf. The actual metal can hold more, but bolts sheer at this weight. The product is also known for its wide variety of color options!

Shelving features 14 gauge shelves and 10 gauge angle posts. It also includes all bracing and oversized pads to protect the floor. Product standardly comes with 5 shelves, but more shelves are also available.

Rivet Rack

Our rivet rack is in stock for immediate delivery.  The basic unit is 7 feet tall and includes 3 levels. Capacity can go as high as 1,500 pounds per shelf.

Many options are available with this rack including mobility, particle board, decking, wall brackets, label holders, and center supports. Order yours today!

About Us

A Plus Warehouse is your right source, right now for industrial shelving. Our sales staff is always ready to help! Call us today at 800-209-8798.

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