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Label Holders

Label Holders are a small but significant part of shelving.  Label Holders are to Shelving as  Wheel Chocks are to dock equipment. They are small and often forgotten about, yet arguably the most important piece of the puzzle. They are essential to warehouse organization.  This is why we dedicate a whole page to the mighty label holder. Learn about ours today!

                Our friends at Aigner Label Holder manufacture this line of product. They are a leader in their industry. They have business for over 100 years!  We know you are getting high quality when you get a product from Aigner.  Who knew that there could be such a large variety of shelf label holders? Aigner works day in and day out on product development. 

A Plus Warehouse offers you label holders of all different sizes and types. We offer self adhesive, magnetic, and snap on label holders. Magnetic Label Holders  are preferable if you plan on changing them often. Anglevision Label Holders are a unique product available at A Plus Warehouse.  They are snap on label holders meant for modular racks and work station. The holder can also tilt to any angle you desire!



Our label holders are meant to be put on shelving, this is a sure way to avoid any mix ups. We would like to remind customers that we sell much more than just label holders. We also sell shelving of all sorts including wire shelving, and yes we have Wire Rac Label Holders for this particular purpose. They are snap ons and guarantee organization for your wire shelving.


Wire Shelving

Our wire shelving is relatively popular. They are needed often for warehouses, packaging facilities, and for food service.  A Plus Warehouse offers a large selection of  highly needed wire shelving. Ordering shelving can sometimes be quite the task. It can become overwhelming to customers.  The goal at A Plus Warehouse is to guide customers through this task.  We want to make it simple. Shelving at A Plus Warehouse is most often ordered at starters and adders. Order one starter unit and as many adder units as you like to building your shelving unit. We provide different wire shelving including mobile wire shelving, washdown wire shelving, green epoxy wire shelving, and slant wire shelf units.

                Why A Plus Warehouse? The true question is why not A Plus Warehouse? We offer anything you may want or need for your warehouse. We have quick service, and it is easy to work with us. Order Now!



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