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Plastic Shelving

Plastic Shelving is Available today at A Plus Warehouse. Shelving units are incredibly important to office organization. This is why we offer customers such a large variety of product. Come with us and learn about our plastic shelving units.

                Why may a customer want plastic shelving?  This sort of product is very commonly used in wet applications where standard steel may rust. It also tends to be very easy to clean. One of our more popular products is the plastic shelving plasteel type. This is a deluxe item which combines the benefits of steel posts and the corrosion resistance of foam shelves. This product is available solid or vented and has an 800 pound capacity per shelf. Item is also always in stock. If you are looking for a less expensive alternative, we recommend the use it anywhere shelving. As the name suggests, this type of shelving can be used anywhere. This includes hot, cold, wet, dry, and high and low altitude environments. It has a 800 pound capacity per shelf just as the plasteel type.

Both of these products are manufactured by SPG, one of our trusted vendors! SPG products are important for the flow and organization of your workplace. They offer a very large selection of storage and transport equipment. SPG had been around for more than half a century. You know you can count on high quality product.

                Our Dura Shelf Plastic Bulk Shelving is plastic storage shelving you will likely not find at supply stores. It is industrial quality high capacity shelving. To make a 4 shelf unit, order a two shelf base and 2 add ons.  It is a design your own sort of product.

                A Plus Warehouse sells beyond plastic shelving. Product categories on the website include bin shelving, boltless shelving, garage shelving, industrial shelving, stainless steel shelving, wire shelving, and more. We specialize in shelving! We have products that range in capacity from 150 pounds per shelf to 1000 pounds per shelf. We also stock a wide range of products. We know that when customers want product, they want it now. We also offer a wide range of component to complement your shelving. Our plastic storage bins tend to be particularly popular.

                Order from A Plus Warehouse today. Our customer service is phenomenal. We know our customers are the only reason that we are here.  We are big enough to fill your order but small enough to know every order matters. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now.

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