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Wire Shelving

A Plus Warehouse has the wire shelving you need for your warehouse, packaging facility, or commercial kitchen. Wire shelving units work for many applications because of their simple utility and long-lasting durability. We offer a wide range of wire shelving brands, including AMCO, Metro, Nexel, Quantum, and Eagle. Choosing the right brand and the right product for your needs can seem difficult, but no need to fret—A Plus Warehouse has the products you need.

Choose Your Wire Shelving Based on Your Needs

Wire rack shelving is great for a variety of industries. However, when ordering commercial wire shelving units, you must first figure out if you need open or closed units. 90% of all orders from A Plus Warehouse are open units, meaning they have open backs and sides. Closed shelving units have enclosed backs and sides and are often chosen for security purposes, while open wire shelving units are more economical and accessible.

Mobile wire shelves add convenience when you need to wheel your shelves around. These units are great in food service applications for carting around utensils or dishes, but they have a high capacity for more industrial applications as well. Wire shelving with wheels are set on slick casters, enabling you to take your shelves on the go.

We also offer starter and adder shelving units to help you get more from your existing shelves. If you’re looking to expand, an adder unit will share posts with your existing wire shelving units. Simply connect them using the secure wire shelf clips.

We have washdown wire shelving units that are perfect for kitchens, bakeries, and other commercial food service facilities. These are great because they look clean and clean easily—what more could you want from kitchen wire shelving?

We provide green epoxy wire shelving for freezer, cooler, or other damp application. A Plus Warehouse is one of the very few dealers that offer freezer application wire shelving, and we offer it in a range of sizes from shelves as small as 36 X 18 to shelves with the giant size of 72 X 24. The capacity for these wire shelves is a whopping 800 pounds per shelf. The starter and adder system is applicable to freezer shelving as well.

Our slant wire shelf units with plastic bins are as convenient to purchase as they are to use. These units come with preconfigured storage bins already installed, so you won’t have to worry about your bins not fitting the shelves. Be sure to take advantage of our free freight shipping option on our plastic bin products!

We Sell Ultimate Storage Solutions

A Plus Warehouse can help you meet all your storage needs. We are the premier online dealer of hundreds of different shelving configurations, making us truly your number one source for high quality wire storage shelves. We at A Plus Warehouse do all we can to make your shopping experience pleasant, easy, and most importantly, quickly.

Ordering wire shelving is just one of the many things you need to do today, and it is our job to make sure we help you accomplish this correctly and in the shortest time possible.

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