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Wire Shelving

We offer a wide range of wire shelving brands including AMCO, Metro, Olympic and Nexel wire rack shelving. We also carry slant shelf units with plastic bins. Why order bins and hope they fit your wire shelving or cart when you could order a preconfigured unit which is guaranteed to work. We do all we can to make your shopping experience pleasant, easy and most importantly - quickly. Ordering wire shelving is just one of the many things you need to do today, and it is this site's and our employee's job to make sure that task can be done correctly in the shortest amount of time possible.

When ordering wire shelving there a few things to know. First of all, do you need open units (90% of all orders) or do you prefer closed units? Do you require casters for mobility? Do you have any ESD issues? Finally, if you decide you need standard wire shelving, be aware we sell starter and adder units. An adder unit will share posts with the prior wire shelving unit. This is accomplished by the use of wire shelf clips. A continuous run of 10 wire shelving units is one starter followed by 9 adders.

Metro has a revolutionary super erecta shelving design. This is the most flexible wire shelving on the market. An entire unit is assembled with no tools at all. Shelves are supported by corner release levers in 1 inch increments. These deluxe wire shelving units are available with bright zinc plating, stainless, metro seal, and chrome for many items. We also offer the Gillis Amco square deal wire shelving. Shelves adjust on 2 inch increments and have a capacity of 600 pounds per shelf. The total unit capacity is 2400 pounds due to the heavy duty square posts employed. The finish on Amco Square deal wire shelving is corrosion resistant zinc protoxy - which is a fancy term for chromate.

A Plus Warehouse can also help if you need designer colors or have freezer application. We provide green epoxy for freezer, cooler or other damp application. A Plus Warehouse is one of the very few dealers that offer freezer application wire shelving, and we offer it in a range of sizes from shelves as small as 36x18 to shelves with the giant size of 72x24. The capacity for these wire shelves is a whopping 800 pounds per shelf. The starter and adder system is applicable to freezer shelving as well.