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Work Benches to Make the Most Use of Your Workspace

At A Plus Warehouse, you can find a wide variety of industrial workbenches for sale. We carry all the top work bench manufacturers, including Penco, Durham, Strong Hold, Lyons, Hallowell, Pollard, and more. Our extensive selection makes it easy for you to find just what you need at a great price. Whether you need the support of an industrial workbench for thousands of pounds of materials, an industrial work cart for a mobile workspace or an electronic work bench for precision and ESD protection, A Plus Warehouse has it all.

Find the Right Work Bench at A Plus Warehouse

Manufacturing plants often need heavy-duty industrial workbenches with massive capacities—some up to 10,000 pounds. We offer 7-gauge to 14-gauge work bench tops to provide the strongest workbenches in the industry. These ultra-rugged workbenches are fully welded for convenience and long-lasting durability and provide you with great capacity and economic pricing.

A Plus Warehouse also sells electronic workbenches. Our electronic workbenches are perfect for preventing electrostatic discharge. They incorporate a passive element assembly where there are no semiconductor issues. We sell Pro-Line workbench products as well as IAC and Lyon to provide the best variety and value for our customers. Pre-configured electronics workbenches are a popular option for customer looking to get everything they need for an electronic workbench.

Customize a Work Bench to Your Needs

Build your own industrial workbench at A Plus Warehouse! Not every manufacturer makes a workbench to your exact liking. That’s why A Plus Warehouse offers you a wide range of options when finding the best style of work bench top for your warehouse or industrial facility.

Choosing your work bench top is also very important. Our Laminated Maple workbench top can withstand heavy daily use and has a wear-resistant finish. Our Plastic Laminated workbench tops have a 45 pound industrial grade particle board core with high pressure laminated surface. If you’re looking for an even stronger workbench, Shop-Mate has a high strength lumber core for durability and service you may like. Or perhaps try one of our 2.25-inch thick Butcher Block Maple tops. These offer incredible longevity with a number of excellent qualities: lamination, warp- and impact-resistance, and an electronically thermo-bonded finish. Oak Hardwood workbench tops are constructed from 1.75-thick Appalachian red oak with Butcher Block’s varnique semi-gloss finish.


Maybe you just want a basic work bench or industrial work cart, we have that too!

Cabinets and Shelves Add Functionality to Your Workbench

You can customize more than just the top of your workbench. Cabinet workbenches incorporate mini cabinets to offer you additional storage. Top brands include Tennsco, Lyons, and Lista. We even have drawer cabinets with dividers for convenience in storing various small parts. Without a partitioned drawer, small parts will be all over the place. Cabinet work benches help keep things organized!

Need Additional Items for Your Work Benches? A Plus Warehouse Has You Covered

We carry workbench components such as stringers, back and end stops, industrial shelving, risers and pegboards. Stringers simply separate the legs. These are included with most of our workbench orders. Back and end stops are used to enclose the work bench top on three sides using a small ledge. Risers provide a shallow shelf above the workbench, and the space under the shelf is great for storing binders. Pegboards are used to hang tools and save space. Electronics work benches have even more options such as electronic strips, magnifying glasses, balancers, drawers, and other features.

Industrial work carts and workbenches for sale at A Plus Warehouse. A Plus Warehouse also has high quality sitting stools to complete your workbench order. We stock stools by Lyon, BioFit, Bevco, Pollard, and others to help you reach peak efficiency and comfort. We carry stools designed to fit optimally with our workbenches. Or if you work while standing, you know how difficult it is on your feet for long periods of time. That is why we sell anti-fatigue mats for use in industrial workbench applications.

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