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Computer Workstation

Here at A Plus Warehouse we have workstations that are designed for computer space and working area around Regular workstations are also available, but why use a regular workstation when you have a computer? These products provide the perfect area to do your computer work whether it be in industry or another sort of office. We will sell you the computer workstation you need in sizes ranging from 48 to 96 inches, so if you need a Computer Workstation you have come to the right place!


Many of our computer workstations have built in cable management for your monitors and screens. Most of these workbenches have a plastic laminate surface giving it that finished look. There are shelves featured with these workstations for storage and spatial reasoning. Even though the main concept that comes to mind with these products is the typical large computer, we also have workstations that you can use with a laptop. For example, we have a line of electronic workbenches for you to do your work on a laptop or another sort of technology. Our Zeus Workbench includes a footrest tube and pan. An overhead light is also featured in this product. There are electrical channels you can use to plug in your laptop. The surface is large and clear, so you will be able to do your work.

Mobile 3D Printer Workstation

Customers cannot get more deluxe than the mobile 3D printer workstation. It is great for storing all your electronics and features high pressure laminate top, 4 side shelves, a slide storage equipment drawer, and locking drawers. Absolutely no assembly is required for this product.

On Wheels!

Who says that a computer workstation can’t also be mobile! Our mobile computer workstation offers the best of both worlds. Some companies require workstations to move from place to place.

The product features an upper compartment equipped with a very secure and fully transparent door as well as an adjustable shelf. Casters are 5” and 2 of the 4 of them are locking. The workstation also features a 2” grommet in bottom shelf for easy wire management.

Why A Plus Warehouse?

A Plus Warehouse has been selling warehouse equipment and supplies for over 20 years and we plan to continue. We are not going away anytime soon. As each year comes we grow more, there is always room for us to improve and we always strive to do better than the year before. When we choose our vendors we want the ones with the best products. We take careful time choosing our vendors so we could get to the point we are at now; we have several trusted vendors with the best product who we have been working with for years now. A Plus Warehouse is your trusted source, you can count on us to get you the supplies you need.

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