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Garage Workbench

Garage work benches are a staple of the product offering at A Plus Warehouse. Many consumers and businesses alike have requirements for quality garage workbenches, and A Plus Warehouse distributes the best garage work bench product on the market.  Customers love our black tie work benches! When interested in a garage workbench, you need to consider a few issues. Firstly, you want to consider what garage storage workbench top you need.

Types of Tops

Steel is a very popular top – but we also stock maple, plastic laminated and even ESD tops. Steel is the least expensive and most durable, but tends to be noisy. A wood top absorbs vibration when stuck by a hammer, and still delivers great capacity. The next issue to address with your garage work bench is the capacity. If you intend to work on auto transmissions, you may well want a KingCab 7 GA garage workbench. KingCab is an industrial quality garage workbench that companies and government entities use. If Airplane manufacturers use our garage workbenches by KingCab, your garage application is not likely to overload our garage storage workbench.

We also have garage cabinets!

Of course, our garage workbench line works very well with our line of garage cabinets. Cabinets are used for storage in your garage and the garage work benches are used for actual work in the garage area. If you spend a lot of time in the garage working on autos, lawnmowers, cycles or other, you may appreciate our anti fatigue mats. The garage has become the adult rec room. People love playing with powered 'toys'. These toys tend to be stored in the garage. To make the experience as enjoyable as possible, many consumers need a garage work bench, garage cabinet, shelving with bins and a nice anti fatigue mat – so that the user doesn't experience as much fatigue and back pain as when there is no mat in use.

A Plus Warehouse, Your Right Source Right Now

Once you have made the choice to order your garage work bench, your next choice is where to make your order. A Plus Warehouse is a nationwide dealer in the trade for over 10 years providing outstanding value to consumers, businesses, and government agencies as well. We also provide a lot of equipment to the US Military as well. We sell products only from the finest manufacturers. We sell KingCab , Lyon Metal, Tennsco , Penco, Edsal, Triboro, Parent Metal, Sandusky , and others as well. You get the brands you count on from your trusted industrial dealer – A Plus Warehouse.

Our salespeople are very well trained and customer focused. Give us a try, you will come back again and again whenever you need storage equipment for the garage, home or business. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice, RIGHT NOW!!

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