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Industrial Work Benches

A Plus Warehouse is your source for Industrial Work Benches. We sell quality industrial workbenches nationwide at every day value price. Industrial work benches are a necessity for many industries such as the packaging industry. A Plus Warehouse also sells a wide array of packaging equipment!

Attractive Yet Functional

Count on us for quality and attractive product. We have benches in all different styles, shapes, and colors. Customers enjoy our unique blue colored benches with red drawers. You can’t go wrong when ordering a Big Blue work Bench with Drawers!

We also have stainless steel work benches which are both very stylish, and very high quality. They tend to be popular in the food industry, where a high level of sanitation is a must.  Stainless steel is the safest material when working with food because it is resistant to bacteria growth and rust.

We Work with You

We sell standard in stock industrial work benches as well as made to order custom designed units. With lean manufacturing employed, we are able to profitably offer short run productions. Not many distributors would accept orders for one or two special order industrial work benches. We are not in that group. When you want to order an industrial work bench, you will get the care and attention you deserve , and we will not be satisfied until you have placed the order with us , and have received a great quality industrial work bench  exactly as you require it.

Packing Benches

We like to have a little fun at A Plus Warehouse! This is apparent when customers check out our packing benches. Many are named after great scientists, philosophers, and presidents!

Silly names aside, these packing benches are very useful and sold daily. They are all similar but with a different number of extra features.  Our Nietzsche Packing Work Bench is especially popular. This bench features a 4 way adjustable spool holder, 12” adjustable height steel shelf, 16” deep carton shelf with hoop dividers, and a roller bearing drawer. Customers can choose between beige, black, blue, gray, and green as well as choose between different types of tops.


A Basic Bench

If you are simply looking for just a top and legs with decent capacity, the basic industrial work bench might be for you. It offers exactly what you need without the extra cost of all the bells and whistles.  The product also shipped unassembled for significant freight savings. It has a 12-gauge top and as many of our other benches, comes in a large variety of colors.

Your Right Source, Right now!

There is no better place to buy and industrial work bench than from A Plus Warehouse. We offer such a large variety of product at a reasonable cost. Order yours today!


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