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Wood Work Benches

A Plus Warehouse has a large supply of work benches, whether it be mobile, stainless steel, wooden, and many more. These items are very useful to most any work space. At on point everyone will need a working station and the convenience of storing your tools in the same place. This can be seen in an office, factory, industry, and mostly seen in a woodwork shop. Because of the need and desire for an item like this, we like to provide the product with lots of variation. That is why we now have a page for just wooden workbenches to go along with all the other bench pages!

Why Choose Wood?

This sort of material not only looks great but is very durable, especially for those cases when you are using power tools. A wooden top is most commonly used for woodworking tasks. It is meant to be durable to saws and drills. With this top we have several different options, each being high quality. The hardwood is the most firm and durable. A maple top is very classy looking, and lastly the plastic laminate is extremely smooth. You cannot go wrong with whichever top you choose, they are all great for their own reasons. The Stronghold Mobile Bench with Two Drawers has a thick maple top. This item is heavy duty and can hold most anything. It even is easily mobile because of its massive locking casters.

About Our Vendors

A majority of these products come from our trusted vendor Stronghold. This company has been selling all sorts of items ranging from workbenches, cabinets, lockers, and many more. We have been working together for several years, so we know they do a great job with not only high quality products, but they have easy and quick service. We search for vendors with qualities like this because we want to be able to supply our customers with the high quality items they want in a timely manner. When our vendors are quick that allows us to be speedy as well.

The A Plus Warehouse Team

Our company has been in business for over 20 years now, and we still plan to grow more each year. Our line of products has expanded significantly since our starting point. This company has several different branches. For example, our marketing branch works to seek out the best vendors, the best products, and materials. Our sales reps are well trained to help anyone who may call us find what they need. If you have come searching for some warehouse equipment than you have come to the right company. We are ready to help you!

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