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Shop Desks

A shop desk is designed for industrial use in fast-paced environments. They provide secure storage and a clear working space. Mailrooms, shipping and receiving warehouses, and many other industrial facilities can make great use from a industrial desk. Whether you’re standing or sitting at them using a tall chair or stool, our desks help you get work done more efficiently. Browse our extensive selection and choose the right mobile warehouse desk, or other type to meet your needs.

Shop Desks: Security, Storage, and Comfort

A regular workbench is a functional part of any workspace, however, a work desk may meet your needs better due to its unique construction and design. Although you can find a variety of work desks here at A Plus Warehouse, they all offer you the same benefits of security, storage, and ergonomic comfort.

The main workspace of a shop desk stands higher than a normal desk. Its added height makes standing the ideal method of use, as it allows you to move between tasks more easily without having to get up out of a chair. Many of the surfaces are sloped as well for better ergonomic comfort while standing.
Many of our work benches also have shelves or drawers for additional storage. These can range from envelope-sized shelves to full 30” shelves with hundreds of pounds of capacity for storing heavy materials. These drawers often have security locks to protect your items and equipment. If you are looking for the best of the best, consider our deluxe shop desk.

Check Out Our Selection

A Plus Warehouse has a number of industrial  desks for you to choose from:
We carry several Heavy Duty  Desks in ultra-rugged 12 GA welded steel. These are 36” x 28” x 42” desks, and they feature a combination of shelves, drawers, and cabinets. We have a heavy duty shop desk in stock and ready to be shipped upon ordering, while the other two are production items that are well worth the wait.

A Stainless Steel  Desk is great for food service or high tech applications. This all-welded 12 GA stainless steel desk does not rust and can be a sturdy, sleek addition to your facility.

A Wall-Mounted Desk saves space while providing small item shelving and a locking drawer. Its lightweight 24 GA body allows sturdy attachment to any wall so you can save floor space.

The Open Desk is a popular style of warehouse desk with a wide work surface and storage area to store pens and other office supplies. Its open style provides a roomy place to work for shipping clerks, watchmen, and checkers.

Portable  Desks are ideal for when you can’t guarantee a permanent workspace. If things are always shifting at your facility, a portable utility or moshop desk mounted on casters is just what you need. Both styles offer shelving and at least one locking drawer.

Choose A Plus Warehouse for your shop desks needs. Contact us or call 800-209-8798 and place your order today to get working more efficiently!

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