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3 Great Uses for Cell Phone Lockers

July 28, 2016  |  Comments

three great uses for cell phone lockers


Cell Phone Lockers

Providing proper cell phone storage has never been easy. That is, until cell phone lockers were invented. Whether installing storage lockers for work, school, or even recreational facilities, protecting people’s most valuable possessions has never been easier. These small-sized lockers are unobtrusive and can be a great fit for just about any application. However, as this blog is about to explain, you’ll find that some places have a greater need for cell phone lockers than others.

Cell Phone Lockers for Phone and Tablets


People often change into lighter garments when at the gym, which leaves no room for their phones. Although many use their phones to listen to music while they work out, some may prefer to simply store their device away. In cases like these, cell phone lockers are a necessity. Not everyone will want to be on their phone while they’re pumping iron. Maybe they’re afraid they’ll drop a dumbbell on it. Whatever the case, you should consider cell phone lockers if you are outfitting a gym’s locker rooms. This way, visitors can improve their health and wellness free without being bothered by constant emails and Facebook notifications.


It seems like everyone has a cell phone these days, including kids and young adults. This poses a problem, as the internet offers nearly endless distractions right at students’ fingertips. Many high schools (and younger!) have a “no cell phone” policy while in the classroom. But kids still need somewhere to store their phones safely. Cell phone lockers solve this problem, keeping the devices out of sight when there’s schoolwork to be done but safe from prying hands. Cell phone lockers can have up to 60 separate doors, which won’t likely be enough for the entire student body but is great if you want storage for a specific room (think a quiet music room or P.E. locker room).

Industrial Facilities

Keeping people’s phones out of harm’s way isn’t easy while on the job. This is especially true if the job involves a lot of heavy machinery. Conveyors, hydraulic presses, and other industrial equipment can be dangerous enough without having to worry about a device. One wrong move, and someone’s expensive phone could turn into an expensive pile of glass, metal, and plastic.

Cell phone lockers for industrial manufacturing plants, packaging plants, fulfillment centers, and the like are becoming more and more commonplace as we continue into the tech-obsessed era. Luckily, they don’t take up a lot of space, so you can easily pair them with uniform lockers or other kinds of storage commonly found in industrial facilities.

Cell Phone Lockers: Security for Your Valuable Technology

Protecting cell phones is simple and convenient with a cell phone locker system. Employees, children—even gym nuts will be able to go about their day without worrying about the safety of their fragile, expensive device. Build your cell phone locker system today!

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