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A Plus Warehouse "Goes Green" with Environmentally Friendly Mats

October 9, 2007  |  Comments

As more and more businesses commit to "green cleaning," A Plus Warehouse, the leading online business-to-business distributor of quality industrial matting, has joined the green movement by offering "green friendly" entrance matting. 

Green friendly cleaning is the use of more efficient and environmentally safe cleaning processes, such as entrance matting, to provide a safer, more productive, sustainable environment for building occupants and employees. Green cleaning not only increases the value and marketability of a facility but reduces costs associated with its maintenance as well. 

Entrance matting provides a "green" first line of defense against dirt and debris entering a facility by trapping and holding potential contaminants that are carried into a facility. Many organizations mandate the implementation of entrance matting as part of their overall cleaning strategy. Entrance matting improves the indoor air quality, and reduces the migration of dirt and moisture throughout the facility. In addition, matting systems reduce the need for potentially harmful floor care chemicals as well as the labor costs associated with floor maintenance. 

A Plus Warehouse offers a number of environmentally friendly mats such as Waterhog logo mats, which come with a seal of approval from the U.S. Green Building Council and Notrax anti-fatigue matting, which is a part of the GreenTrax program for "Green Cleaning" environments. 

"We are very happy to be 'going green' with our matting," said A Plus Warehouse President Ed Stairman. "Our Waterhog logo mats start the cleaning process on the outside by ensuring that the majority of dirt and moisture is stopped at the entrance of your business, and our Notrax anti-fatigue matting traps and holds contaminants while reducing workplace injuries." 

To learn more about environmentally safe matting, call A Plus Warehouse today at 800-209-8798 or visit

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