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A Plus Warehouse Lockmaster Lockers with Built-In Locks Save Time and Money

July 1, 2010  |  Comments

A Plus Warehouse, a leading business-to-business distributor of lockers and quality industrial equipment, is pleased to announce its new line of Lockmaster lockers, the only lockers shown online with built-in combination locks.

Researching the type of lockers needed for a school or business takes time and resources, and because most lockers online do not come with built-in combination lockers, researching locks takes additional time. A Plus Warehouse’s first-of-its-kind Lockmaster locker line comes set up with built-in combination locks and save extensive time in the ordering process, thereby saving companies money in the long run. 

“Other companies make you research and discover what lock you need for your box lockers, but not A Plus Warehouse,” said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. “Don’t subject yourself to the hassle of ordering the wrong lock for your lockers! When you order a Lockmaster box locker from A Plus Warehouse you get the exact locker you want with the built-in combination lock you need.”

The Lockmaster locker line is based on the popular A Plus Warehouse Valumaster locker line, which features an innovative painting system that ensures uniformity of colors (doors and panels are painted separately); best-quality mig welding; and instant, damage-free delivery.

“We provide the level of service that you require when ordering lockers,” said Stairman. “Some customers do not like the phone – they use email only. We have extensive email capability, and do not need to talk to customers to handle business. Other customers like the human touch. We will always have sales people – that will never be replaced by robots or voicemail jail. We are very flexible, and look forward to handling your requirements.”

A Plus Warehouse Lockmaster lockers aren’t just for schools and gyms. They are great for workplace storage, police and fire department locker rooms, and any other application where employees or students need long term storage. Built-in combination locks come with five different combinations that can be easily reset with just the touch of a button.

To learn more about Lockmaster lockers from A Plus Warehouse, call 800-209-8798 or visit

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