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A Plus Warehouse Offers Larger School Lockers for the Students with Everything

September 7, 2010  |  Comments

As school returns to session all around the country, more and more students are encountering a common problem: there's not enough room in their lockers for all of their things. A Plus Warehouse, a leading retailer of lockers, has the solution, with larger school lockers for the students with everything.

"The standard school locker is one of the few things in the schooling system that haven't changed over the years. The problem isn't that lockers are getting smaller, kids just have a lot more things to carry around these days," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse.

More schools are now requiring students to bring their own books with them to school every day (instead of keeping a set in the classroom), and American textbooks are some of the largest worldwide. In addition, students with band instruments or sports equipment have even more to store.

"We have lockers in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate schools where students must carry their own set of books," said Stairman. "We also have football lockers, sports lockers and stadium athletic lockers for students in after-school sports, and lockers as deep as 24 inches, which are great for use as band lockers."

A Plus Warehouse has many different locker configurations available, including single tier, double tier, triple tier, five tier and six tier lockers. A majority of their lockers are also available with built-in combination locks, and they also have laptop lockers that are great for securely storing school laptops.

"We have been selling quality locker items nationwide for more than 10 years, and we have pretty much every type of locker to meet any need or application," concluded Stairman. "We can be confident that your order for school lockers will ship on schedule and without a hitch due to the great quality control at our manufacturers' plants and our unparalleled customer service. Our sole concern is that your locker order works out well."

To learn more about larger school lockers from A Plus Warehouse, call 800-209-8798 or visit

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