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Almost time for Materials Handling month-- formerly known as July

June 12, 2013  |  Comments


It seems like every month seems to have its shtick ... for example we got  Februarys Black History Month, Aprils National Poetry Month, May's Jewish American Heritage Month( yes thats a legit thing go jews!) and this month LGBTQQA Pride -formally known as June. For those of you confused by large acronyms this LGBTQQA stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender,Queer,Questioning, and Allied. Anywho.. considering that every month seems to have a theme A Plus Warehouse says that this coming July is officially Materials Handling month! So tell all of your friends!


And because it is Materials Handling Month this July customers must buy Materials Handling equipment from A Plus Warehouse. Here at A Plus WArehosue we stock Materials Handling and Storage Equipment nationwide offering you the absolute BEST delivery times and a great value as well! Our customers love us and so will you! So in honor of Materials Handling Month please consider checking us out. We are fun people.... and I promise most of us dont bite. Friendly, helpful, knowledgable sales people guaranteed everytime. We DA best. So don't be shy order now.


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