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Announcing Yet Another NEW Work Bench

November 1, 2012  |  Comments


We are Thrilled to announce the NEW Black Tie Work Bench.  The Black Tie is a new entry to ourindustrial work benches  line up and comes from a most interesting inspiration. A Plus Warehouse has been selling battleship gray for ever - and of course gray is quite popular still.  We then introduced the amazingly popular BigBlue , and color was introduced to the work benches world!

Black Tie Work Bench

Anyway , your humble blogmaster was strolling down Gay Street in SOHO , NYC and I saw the most Amaaazing looking workbench.  The bench was the darkest black , and has a real nice feel to it.  I asked to shop owner where he acquired the bench to fine he purchased a basic industrial bench and painted it.

A Plus Warehouse is all about convenience , and we were able to partner with one of one EXCELLENT manugacturers , and bring an industrial black work bench to market.  Thus the birth of the Black Tie Bench!

To make matters even easier , we provide Black Tie benches as complete packages - no need to order a bunch of components - one model number gets you the complete bench.  Of course we will offer basic strip down benches as well!

I can't overstate how thrilled A Plus Warehouse is to offer this new Black Bench!

To download our work bench guide , please click on the button below , and if you want to see the BEAUTIFUL spokesmodel , Julie hanging out on another of our work benches , enjoy the video link below.  We paid a lot for it , so please enjoy it!

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