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Don't forget wire partitions and wire partition systems

September 7, 2013  |  Comments


Everyone knows A Plus Warehouse sells cabinets , locker, racks and shelving. Customers do notWire Partitions all realize that we sell wire partitions and wire partition systems as well! Wire partitions are used to add security and safety as well!  From Aasimov's IROBOT , we know that the prime directive for robots is to harm no people.  The problem is that robots don't know anything other than the task to be done.  Best to have robots caged off so people can't get between a robot and his work!

Like many other things in this society , the Government has rules we are directed to follow for our own safety.  I'm sure if the marketing wonks here at A Plus Warehouse looked hard enough , they'd find an edict insytrucing you that you must order wire partition systems or face a fine.  We prefer to appeal to logic and reason rather than Governmental decrees.  A wire partition system is a very inexpensive way to secure expensive inventory , and the keep personnel away from where they should ne be.

The attractive wire partition shown is a Jesco item.  The great thing about this image is that it is ONE model number.  With Jesco and A Plus Warehouse , no time is wasted in engineering systems.  These were all designed over 20 years ago, and we work from existing bills of materials.  The wheel has already been created - we don't need to re-invent it every time!

Give us a call at 800-209-8798 and we'll quote you the wire partition system you always wanted.

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