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Dumping Hoppers at A Plus Warehouse

July 17, 2017  |  Comments

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Buy Yourself a Dumping Hopper

A Plus Warehouse can provide you dumping hoppers of all different sizes and material. You can choose between plastic dumpers or even steel ones. A dumper makes moving trash an easy one operator job. This piece of equipment is made to prevent workers from straining themselves by lifting the trash. Instead of carrying a bulky and heavy bundle of trash, the dumper does the handling for you. Workers will be at a less risk of injury if they use a dumping hopper rather than their own hands. A safe worker is a happy worker, and a happy worker is an efficient worker!Ultra Heavy Duty Self Dumping Hopper And Stackable Hopper

If you are looking for an industrial strength dumping hopper the A Plus Warehouse product, Ultra Heavy Duty Self Dumping Hopper and Stackable Hopper is the way to go. This dumper can hold a massive 600 pounds. It even comes in 4 different dimensions. This is ideal for steel processing, heaving stampings, and scrap yards. This dumper provides a strong structured base.

A dumper may be large and bulky but that does not stop us at A Plus Warehouse from finding a dumper that is smaller and can fit in narrow areas. Our Chip and Waste Truck is designed for confined areas. It can make tight turns. Even though this model is a smaller dumper, it is still built to handle between 2100 pounds and 2700.

A Plus Warehouse is the right source for you to get your dumpers, along with many other material handling equipment.  Visit the website at contact us at [email protected]

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