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August 1, 2016  |  Comments

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Strip Doors

A Plus Warehouse sells you our high quality strip doors. These kind of doors are a must have for many industries such a refrigeration, food service, manufacturing, retail, distribution, and many others. Our strip doors are all unique because they all are made for difference reason. Some are thicker, some overlap more, some take up more space, etc. Strip doors can be for personal use or even for fork trucks. We accommodate you by adjusting the strip door sizes to its best for your use. This is used for making barriers, typically between air temperatures. It also can keep insects our, or in if you like bugs.

Personal Use

A great strip3strip door for people to just walk through would be our Personal Strip Door. Just like all the other strip doors, it is in stock for immediate shipping. This is ideal for foot traffic. This will work well in any food service industry because it minimizes dust and other airborne problems. This extra sense of security is just what a food company needs. It is a good idea for the food industries that don’t have this to buy it from us. We don’t want you to run into any germs inadvertently  while working with food and we even have fair pricing to offer you. We also offer you low temperature strip material so it will not become brittle when near a cold area like a refrigerator. The standard overlap is 50%. You can pick and choose sizes below the product to really get the product you want.

Heavy Duty Use

If yourefrigerated want a heavier duty strip door take a look at the Delivery Truck Strip Doors. This will prevent mixing of the 2 different atmospheres. For example, if you have an ice cream truck you could even get a low temperature strip to ensure the truck stays cold when it opens. One wouldn’t want their food to spoil, and the strips act as great insulators because it prevents any unwanted air temperatures. If you want the primary forklift use, you should just chosoe the 100% overlap.

When buying your strip doors we provide a lot of variety in order for our customers to meet their needs based on the task they need to get done!

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