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October 3, 2012  |  Comments


Warehouse shelving is better than milk and cookies for many reasons.  Haveyou every tried to store 80 pound boxes of nuts and bolts on a plate of cookies and a cup of milk? Warehouse shelving is what you need when storing supplies! A Plus Warehouse stocks shelving of all types.

Heavy Duty Warehouse Shelving

There are a few different types of warehouse shelving that I'd like to describe.

The shelving shown on the right is our Krazy Kap Industrial shelving.  These shelving units gave an amazing 1775 pound capacity per shelf! Krazy Kap shelving is made in USA by the same company that makes our awesomely popular BigBlue Storage Cabinets line

Other warehouse shelving includes:

Bulk Rack : Shelving that looks a lot like pallet racks , but is intended for hand loading and unloading

Rivet Rack : A Specialized bulk rack that is comprised of pieces that snap together ( rivets into holes )

Scotch Rack : A trusted brand of bulk rack manufactured by Scotland Rack in Pennsylvania

Hi Tech Shelving : A collection of several shelving families made by Hallowell - you can see Hallowell's extra heavy duty H post warehouse shelving beneath the Krazy Kap shelving

Hallowell Heavy Duty Warehouse ShelvingThe take away from this is that A Plus Warehouse is your warehouse shelving source! Milk and cookies are fine also - you can't eat and drink warehouse shelving ( unless it is heated to 3000 degrees F - then digestive trouble would be in store! )

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