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Learn About Plastic Storage Bins

March 13, 2013  |  Comments


Plastic Storage Bins are in stock at A Plus Warehouse and are a very hot product category.Plastic Storage Bins

The plastic storage bins shown on the right are the ever popular Quantum QUS series.  These bins can stack several high and can also be hooked on louvers.  A Plus Warehouse bin cabinets utilize Quantum plastic storage bins or the bins provided by Akro Mils , Lewis Bins, or another of our great plastic storage bins manufacturers.

Although these smaller stacking bins are quite popular , customers also need to store bulky items as well.  That is why we sell extra large plastic bins as well.  As you can easily see on the picture to the right , an entire skid width can be taken up with onlytwo giant bins!

Large Plastic Bins

The item displayed is a Quantum Bin.  For those customers that are partial to Akro Mils , A Plus Warehouse also sells the super sized Akro Bins as well.

Other plastic storage bins include:

  • Recycled Bins
  • Shelf Bins
  • See Through Bins
  • Shipping Bins
  • Straight Wall Containets
  • Shelving With Bins
If you have any plastic storage bins questions , call your friends here at A Plus Warehouse at 800-209-8798
Click on the following image to download our buyers guide - We have also produced a KICKIN' plastic storage bins video.
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