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Locker Tiers | What are They and Why are They Important to Know About?

June 19, 2019  |  Comments

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In definition terms a tier is a row or level of a structure. Usually one of the tiers is placed above another. It is also defined as a way for ranking items. The definition we use is the first one. In similar words a tier would be a section that is on top of another. In the case of lockers two opening stacked on top of each other in one locker model. A single tier locker has one opening and one column. A double tier locker would have the same single column but 2 opening because then there will be two rows. The same patterns go for triple tier and multi tier lockers.

Why Do I Want A Multi Tier Locker?

The reasons tiers exist is for spatial and storage reasons. Usually one compartment is for one person, but does someone need all that space in a single tier single wide locker? Sometimes one may only need half the height, and in this case a double tier locker would be a better option. This creates for less wasted locker space, and more overall space for other lockers. Why take up 2 columns of lockers each with only one tier, when you could have two opening but through a single wide double tier locker? One thing to note is the height of the locker. If it is a tall locker and is multi tiered you have to make sure that someone can reach that top compartment. These sorts of lockers do not work in a situation in which people are not tall enough to access the top part of a locker. These lockers are seen more so in an office setting rather than an elementary school setting.

Tiers vs Locker Widths

doublt tier three and four wide lockers

On our website we reference our lockers not only by tiers but by widths too. For example, we have single wide lockers which has one column, double wide, and triple wide. The wider a locker is, the more columns there are, and the larger the tier means more rows and sections within an individual column.

Our Lockers

The all welded in stock double tier lockers are a classic favorite amongst the A Plus Warehouse customers. It is double tier so there are two sections per 1 column and this product can come with at most 4 columns, making 8 compartment all together. Most people choose double tier over triple tier or multi tier. For more specific locker information and individual lockers check out the lockers page.

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