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New Strapping Machines

June 5, 2018  |  Comments

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Here at A plus Warehouse, we have recently added more products to our strapping machine category. Many customers have been buying the few we had, but now we have even more. We have strapping machines that are, portable, semi automatic, and high speed. Some containing all three factors for example, our high speed strapping machine. The high speed strapping machine has automatic strapping and features an easy system to access and reload the strap. It has up to 30 cycles per minute and is heat welded. This item contains features that prevent this machine from having problems, for example there is a jam free feature, along with auto positioning. With these features you are less likely to run into those little, yet complicated problems.

Along with some of the strapping machines we always have had, we also now include strapping carts. A strapping cart is a similar idea, the only difference is the way it is use. It is still easy to use but the operator does more work because this piece of equipment is manual. This is better for smaller and easier items to work with. We can sell you a typical standard strapping cart, or we can also sell a vertical and horizontal strapping cart, an industrial one, or even one that can be mounted to a wall. With these strapping machines of course you can buy more straps to go along with it but the strapping carts will typically come with a 1/2" strapping (8" X 8" core) and it is a roll of 9,000 feet. Our strapping carts and other packaging supplies comes mostly from Vestil Manufacturing. We have been working with this vendor for years now, so we know their product is top of the line. They too have been in business for years and is planning to stay. Whether you are looking for packaging supplies or another sort of supplies A Plus Warehouse is the right place for you.


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