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Plastic Storage Bins | Meet Aqua Lew - The New Super Hero

November 26, 2012  |  Comments


Who is Aqua Lew and what does he have to do with plastic storage bins? An industrial distributor is only as good as the lines that industrial disctributor sells.  A Plus Warehouse has a fantastic product offering , and the plastic storage bins we carry are prodominantly manufactured by Quantum Plastics , Akro Mils , and Lewis Bins.  Put the three together , and you get our newest super hero - Aqua Lew.  Aqua Lew fights warehouse disorganization one plastic bin at a time !

Plastic Storage Bins

The Aqua Lew bins shown on the right are basic stacking bins.  These bins are found almost everywhere - in bin cabinets , work benches and shelving as well.

Each manufacturer has his own specialty , and A Plus Warehouse is very proud and pleased to carry all three lines.  Here is an overview.

Akro Mils - The grand daddy if plastic storage bins manufacturers.  To this day , people request Akro Bins without even knowing that Akro is a brand name. ( kinda the Kleenex (tm) of plastic storage bins )

Quantum Plastics - A division of (not to be confused with M&M Mars ) , Quantum produces shelf bins , stacking bins , esd bins, and a broad line of imported storage equipment as well.

Lewis Bins - Included in the Lewis Bins line are the ever popular Plexton Bins as well as some seriously heavy duty fiberglass bins.  When customers need to use an autoclave to keep plastic storage bins sanitary , Lewis Bins is a fine choice. The other 2/3 of our bins suoer hero will also do perfectly well in an autoclave.

Did you notice that autoclave sounds a bit like batcave? Curious..

An autoclave is a fancy oven that heats equipment to a level that germs are killed.  Carrie did a nice blogpost on Autoclavable plastic bins  not long ago.

Please download our plastic storage bins buyers guide for additional information.

ALSO... The plastic bins video is most excellent,

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