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Rack Audits, Warning Signs Improve Safety around Pallet Racks says A Plus Warehouse

September 20, 2011  |  Comments

Pallet racks are an integral storage component of any factory or warehouse, but overloading them can lead to unnecessary workplace accidents. As a part of their dedication to providing customers with the utmost service and care, A Plus Warehouse, a leading business-to-business distributor of lockers and materials handling equipment, has released some tips on improving safety when using pallet racks.

"Due to the large size and weight of pallets, safety precautions have to be considered at all times when using pallet racks in your warehouse or plant," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. "Never overload or exceed the recommended load specifications for a pallet rack system. Our pallet rack shelving has capacities of up to 24,000 pounds per upright and 6,000 pounds per pair of beams. A Plus Warehouse's heavy-duty pallet racks have upright capacity up to 45,000 pounds and beam capacity up to 15,000 pounds."

When loading pallet rack systems with equipment such as forklifts, make sure the rack is intended for machine use. For example, a bulk rack should not be loaded by forklift. Furthermore, always ensure that only quality pallets are used. Broken or damaged pallets can cause loading and unloading problems, so regular inspection of pallets for broken or fractured planks or stringers, protruding nails, and missing support blocks is crucial.

In addition to checking for faulty pallets, pallet racks should be checked periodically for any loose components or damage to the frame, as frame damage could cause the pallets to fall. Rack audits should be performed by a qualified inspector familiar with proper design and safety standards to make sure all aspects of the pallet rack system are up to par.

If the pallet rack system is used in areas accessible to the public, such as in retail environments, highly visible warning signs should be posted to discourage climbing on the racks. Pallet racks are not designed to be stepped on or climbed on, and a slip or fall may result in serious injury.

"Pallet racks are an invaluable storage tool to warehouses and factories, but employee safety should always be considered," said Stairman. "Follow these tips and avoid severe and potentially fatal injuries and accidents in your workplace."

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