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Safety Cabinets from A Plus Warehouse Segregate Hazardous Chemicals to Reduce Fire Risk

September 15, 2009  |  Comments

In dealing with flammable materials, it is incredibly risky and unwise to use standard storage cabinets. Safely containing and/or segregating hazardous or flammable liquids with safety cabinets can significantly reduce the risk of fire or other accidents in the workplace, says A Plus Warehouse, a premier wholesale distributor and leading national material handling dealer.

"Our regular storage cabinets work great to store paper and office supplies, but those things won’t blow up in your face! The smartest way to pick a safety cabinet is to look at what the law requires. Beyond the scope of law, we always recommend auto closing safety cabinets over manual units," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. "Auto close safety cabinets have fusible links that hold the doors open. These metallic links melt at a relatively low temperature and the spring loaded doors close themselves in the event of a fire."

A Plus Warehouse carries a wide range of safety cabinets from the ultra heavy–duty KingCab safety cabinet to more economical, yet high quality safety cabinets from Jamco. A Plus Warehouse’s selection also includes options from Penco, Edsal, Lyon and Justrite safety cabinets. Justrite has been in business since 1906 and has saved the lives of countless employees.

"We stock acid cabinets, paint cabinets, and hazmat cabinets as well as an entire line of cylinder cabinets and specialty safety drum cabinets for vertical or horizontal drum storage," said Stairman. "There are different rules for flammables and gas cylinders. One of our knowledgeable staff members can help make sure you order the correct product."

For more information on auto close safety cabinets, paint cabinets, acid cabinets, hazmat cabinets or cylinder cabinets, or for help with ordering, call 800–209–8798 or visit

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