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June 14, 2018  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse is now selling a new line of Stackbin items. They are steel constructed bin units that can be reconfigured at any moment. Some are mobile whereas others are still.  The Standard Mobile Stackbin is one of our newer items, it has a 2000 pound capacity and is easily mobile. The standard one has medium sized compartments whereas there is also a smaller compartment version and larger compartment version. Stackbin products are great because each unit is stackable, so any product can be reconfigured at any moment. Not to mention Stackbin Corporation has been around since 1931 and they are not planning to go away anytime soon. We know they are a trusted vendor not only because of how long they have been in the business for but also because we have been working with them for years now as well.

mobile stack bins

For when you can’t decide what bin size you want we have the A Bit of Everything Stackbin for you. This stackbin consists of several different sized bins all with one model. With this you can store smaller items, and even those bulky items. We know that not one size fits all, so we decide to give you all sizes in one fantastic product. Many of these products have the color options. The newer ones have 6 options; there is blue, black, gray, green, beige, and vivid blue. These colors use a baked enamel, so you can get that glossy look. Now, not only is your bins unit a great storage system but it is also pleasing to the eye. These products can be found anywhere ranging from a personal office to an industry.

Check out our new Stackbin products today and give us a call for any questions you may have. Our sales reps are always by the phone ready to help you, so don’t hesitate to call!

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