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Storage Cabinets With Doors | Doors Add Security

October 31, 2012  |  Comments


Are you aware that A Plus Warehouse sells storage cabinets with doors ? Storage Cabinet With DoorsStorage cabinets without doors are actually shelving units with enclosure panels.  If you want closed shelving , we can certainly help.

The storage cabinet with doors shown is a high quality made in USA Tennsco cabinet.  Tennsco is a great line for A Plus Warehouse - we also sell fine products by Penco, Lyons, Hallowell, Edsal, Sandusky , Parent Metal as well as Pucel and Stronghold.

When ordering a storage cabinet with doors , you should consider getting a cabinet with bins in the door as well.  BigBlue make a very nice bin cabinet

I'd like to spend a few sentences explaining the range of storage cabinets available:

  1. Storage Cabinets - These have full width shelves
  2. Wardrobe cabinets - These are for storing clothes - they have one full with shelf and a coat rod underneath
  3. Combination Cabinets - a combination of 1 and 2
  4. stainless steel cabinets - great for food service or high tech environments
  5. KingCab 12 Gauge storage cabinets - When you want MEGA capacity ( and have mega bucks - jk )

A Plus Warehouse is your cabinets source.

Please download our buyers guide by clicking below - and enjoy the video!

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