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The Storage Bins Bonanza is On!

January 7, 2013  |  Comments


Look out! The storage bins bonanza is on!  Customers know that A Plus Warehouse sells the best from Akro , Quantum , Lewis, Schaeffer , and other awesome storage bins lines, but we nowhave a secret weapon as well! For Jabuary and February 2013 , A Plus Warehouse is ovverinf a 20% shipping charge subject to an absolute $25 minimum for dock to dock delivery of storage bins in the lower 48 states!

storage bins

We are attempting to raise some excitement on already popular items here! Buy all you want , we'll make more!

How can we talk about storage bins without mentioning the Grandpa of all storage bins - behold , the Akro Bin! The stackable storage bins shown on the right started it all! Other interesting storage bins include:

  • Clearview - See through bins
  • Rack Bins - Pallet sized hopper bins
  • Magnum Bins - Bins slightly larger than standard stacking bins
  • 6 inch shelf bins - 50 percent taller than traditional 4 inch shelf bins
  • Plexton Bins - Plexiglass bins by Lewis - AWESOME capacity , autoclavable at about a million degrees.( give or take a few hundered thousand )
  • Ready Space Bin Carts - see through insight bins integrated onto a fantastic materials handling cart.  Hospitals love 'em

Feel free to call us at 800-209-8798  - or enjoy the video - or download the buyers guide , or even post a link to this blogpost if you find the information included life changing.  As always , A Plus Warehouse responds to all comments - good and bad.


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