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The Top 10 Uses for Storage Bins

March 31, 2014  |  Comments

Industrial storage bins have wide variety of uses in many different areas and industries, including materials handling plants, warehouses, retail stores, schools, and even home use. Additionally there is also an extremely large selection of types of storage bins available for use. Read on to learn the top ten uses for storage bins.

1. Integrated Storage Systems

The most common use for storage bins is for a comprehensive storage system integrated into shelving, racks, cabinets, or lockers. Because storage bins come in so many different shapes and sizes, they are ideal for nearly any storage need, from a lot of different small parts to bigger, more expensive materials that may need extra protection.

2. Protection of Parts and Materials

Speaking of extra protection, heavy-duty storage bins with permanently attached tops provide great security for your more high-end parts and materials. FDA approved polyethylene lids that close securely will easily protect bin occupants from dust and damage. Some bins even come with a padlock eye on the permanently attached lid to allow for even more protection.

3. Protect against Electrostatic

If you're looking for protection from something other than dust, conductive plastic storage containers offer excellent protection of highly sensitive electronic components. These Conductive Containers protect MOS modules and certain PCBs against electrostatic charges in order to avoid erasing any important stored data.

4. Organization

Maybe you have a bunch of durable parts that don't really need extra care, but they need to be organized. Many storage bins contain partitions to divide each container as needed. Many also feature optional label holders which attach securely for faster and easier part identification

5. More Convenient and Easy Access

Stackable storage bins and shelf bins come in handy when you have shelf clearance, because they allow you to access parts through the hopper front. Imagine a bin that is five inches tall sitting on a shelf with fifteen inches of clearance. By using a regular shelf bin in this scenario instead of stackable storage bins, you would be wasting two thirds of the vertical storage space. Multiply this through an entire facility, and you are paying for too much warehouse space. But with a hopper front you can grab what you need quickly without moving other bins around.

6. Heavy-Duty Storage

Storage bins made from reinforced polyester resin can safely hold up to 500 pounds when stacked, with the bottom container in the stack supporting up to 3,000 pounds. Their thick walls provide extra strength and durability, and can withstand extreme temperatures too.

7. Transportation of Raw Materials

Storage bins are often used in transportation of raw materials and work in progress inventory within any given facility. They are a safe way to store materials of varying sizes without the risk of losing any little pieces. 

8. Food Handling

Closed mesh storage bins are designed to allow air circulation and visual inspection, making them ideal for food handling. They can hold many different kinds of foods without risking spoilage due to lack of air.

9. Children's Items

For consumer use, storage bins are great for storing toys, craft supplies, and more. Their bright colors make clean up fun for kids, and their large size accommodate everything from small lego bricks to bulky stuffed animals and bigger toys.

10. Garage Organization

Organize tools, nails, bolts, nuts, screws, raw building materials, pipes, and much more with a shelf bin and wire shelving system in your garage. You will love the added convenience when it comes time to do a project.

For the ultimate in organization at materials handling plants, warehouses, retail stores, schools, and home, implement storage bins into your storage system today.

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