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Which School Lockers are Best for Your Employees?

November 23, 2015  |  Comments

Which School Lockers are Best for Your Employees?

Finding storage for your employees is as easy as A-B-C, 1-2-3. School lockers provide security you can count on for all your belongings. Simple yet tough, school storage lockers offer you a way to take storage back to basics.

Like your employees, school lockers for sale come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. Which will work best for you? Let's look at a few different models and match them according to our favorite school archetypes. 

Inexpensive Metal Football Lockers

The Jock

You know the type. He's the hardworking member of your team who carries more than his weight to get the job done. Day after day, he lifts more than his fair share. And he doesn't mind going into overtime if it means improving your bottom line. A heavy duty work ethic like that has heavy duty storage needs.

An inexpensive metal football locker is perfect for your Jock! There's plenty of room in the main compartment, and it can include a foot locker for smaller items. Best of all, this school locker is affordable. These gym lockers have 16 GA bodies with 18 GA backs. Football lockers are a great fit for your Jock's practical yet tough personality.

The Cheerleader

This employee never fails to brighten everyone's day. She brings her smile and positive personality to every shift. Your other employees feel like part of the team when she is around. A hardworking employee you can count on deserves a secure school locker to store her valuables.

Extra Wide Triple Tier Lockers

Extra wide triple tier lockers can show your Cheerleader you appreciate her. With 15 x 15 x 24 dimensions, this school locker is a perfect fit for her generous personality. These models come in 3 x 3 columns for a total of 9 openings. Perfect if you have a squad of Cheerleaders!

The Brainiac

The Brainiac is the guy you rely on to always know the answer. When a problem has your team stumped, he can step in and save the day. He's got the smarts to solve docking schedule conflicts, sort distribution issues, and whatever else your industrial facility might encounter. And he does it all using his brains, not his brawn.

Six Tier Digitech Electronic Access lockers are a great at protecting your Brainiac's high-tech gadgets. These metal lockers have a battery-powered electronic lock that lights up when in use. They are extra secure, and the six tier version provides a convenient 12 x 12 space (with varying depths). You can always go with the double tier or triple tier school lockers if those are more his style. Whatever your Brainiac wants!

School lockers aren't only for places of learning. (And who's to say you don't learn while on the job?) School storage lockers for sale are just the thing. You can find enough different versions to meet the needs of your entire team. If you know your employees well (and of course you do), you shouldn't have much trouble finding just the right lockers for storage!


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