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Why Eureka, Oregon Needs Our Heavy Duty Conveyor

January 9, 2013  |  Comments


Sherrif CarterYour humble webmaster is responsible to create the buzz that moves heavy duty conveyor equipment.  The company has given me great lattitude in doing so.  In that spirit , I can inform y'all that I am a major fan of the Eureka television program.  I just became aware of that treasure a few months ago from Netflix.

Just look at Sherrif Carter on the right.  That is one serious dude.  When General Dynamics needs to move a positron beam splitter into the laser lab , do you really think they'd move it by hand?

The A Plus Warehouse Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor by Roach Conveyors cam handle a madssive 7,500# in a 10 foot section with individual roller capacity of 540# per roller.  This is adequate for a positron beam even without the boson field generator!

The science of a conveyor application does not require vector calculus or even finite element analysis.  In fact , conveyor science is handled perfectly by your humble sales staff here at A Plus Warehouse.  We no Phd's on staff, but that is ok. We do not need to know relativistic time dilation formulae in order to provide a kickin conveyor!

Roller Conveyors


Feel free to download our buyers guide and also enjoy the video.  If you appreciated this tounge in cheek blogpost , feel free to spread it about.  Finally , do yourselves a favor and watch the Sci Fi show 'Eureka' .  It has the science of Star Trek, but has more fun than Kirk's closing discussion with Bones and Spock.

I almost forgot...

Also , please order some conveyors from us!

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