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mezzanine ladder

Folding Mezzanine Ladders

  • Access your mezzanines!
  • Quickly extend and retract ladder
  • Extended Length equals Mezzanine Height * 0.624
  • Please provide exact mezzanine height
  • Meets OSHA requirements
  • 350 pound capacity
  • Order Now!

Folding Mezzanine Ladders

Product No. # OF STEPSHeightExtended Length Price Ea 1-3Price Ea 4+ Qty
ML-5S 5 Step Mezzanine Ladder60 In42 1/4" $1,268.12 $1,242.76
ML-6S 6 Step Mezzanine Ladder72 In49 3/4" $1,473.92 $1,444.44
ML-7S 7 Step Mezzanine Ladder84 In57 1/2" $1,650.81 $1,617.79
ML-8S 8 Step Mezzanine Ladder96 In65" $1,722.84 $1,688.38
ML-9S 9 Step Mezzanine Ladder108 In72 1/2" $1,794.87 $1,758.97
ML-10S 10 Step Mezzanine Ladder120 In80" $2,053.59 $2,012.52

Folding mezzanine ladders are ratcheted into climbing angle and back into stored position. The wheels roll on the ground when ratcheted and the handrails mechanically rise into climb position when ladder locks into position. The ladder installs quickly with mounting bracket provided for bolt-on instillation or welded instillation. Steps are 24 1/4" wide. Collapsed distance from wall is approximately 15 1/2" for all models. Product ships unassembled with minimal assembly required. Ladder is finished with nice powder coat blue finish for added toughness.

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