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adjustable work mate stand

Adjustable Work Mate Stands

  • Ergonomically designed -- fitting the work place to the worker.
  • Great for uneven floors!
  • 500 pound capacity
  • Simply adjust the legs by screwing them in or out to the desired height.
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Solid Deck Serrated Style

Product No. Deck Size W x LLowered HeightRaised Height Price Ea. Qty
PAHW-L-1924 19"x24"8-3/4"12" $565.13
PAHW-L-2424 24"x24"8-3/4"12" $578.69
PAHW-L-1936 19"x36"8-3/4"12" $596.53
PAHW-L-1948 19"x48"8-3/4"12" $628.04
PAHW-L-2436 24"x36"8-3/4"12" $619.07
PAHW-L-2448 24"x48"8-3/4"12" $660.87
PAHW-H-1924 19"x24"11-1/2"15" $575.46
PAHW-H-1948 19"x48"11-1/2"15" $671.36
PAHW-H-2424 24"x24"11-1/2"15" $590.06
PAHW-H-2448 24"x24"11-1/2"15" $701.19
PAHW-H-1936 19"x36"11-1/2"15" $610.11
PAHW-H-2436 24"x36"11-1/2"15" $615.99

Each leg is fitted with spring-loaded swivel caster with a protective steel casters cup with rubber bottom ring. This work stand complies with OSHA code and features all welded construction with baked in powder coat finish.

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