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mini lifter

Electric Mini Lift

  • Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • High Maneuverability
  • We Recommend the Optional Slide on Platform as shown in the Video
  • 14 Second Lift Speed
  • Includes 22" Long Adjustable Forks
  • Lift includes 12 Volt Battery and Automatic on Board Charger
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Mini Lift

Product No. CapacityLift Height Price Ea 1-2Price 3+ Qty
E-MINI-LIFT 660 #58" $2,695.00 $2,641.10

Mini Lift with Slide On Platform

Product No. CapacityLift HeightSlide On Platform Dimensions Price Ea 1-2Price 3+ Qty
E-MINI-LIFT-SLIDEP 660 #58"25.9" X 22.8" $2,805.00 $2,748.90

This Lift Truck is small making it perfect for tight spaces.  It can be used to lift loads onto a workbench or placing a product on a machine as well as many other applications. The product is electrically powered, so the machine does all the hard work for you. 

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